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How to Add the AdSense Code to Your TypePad Blog


We are going to add a Notes TypeList that will contain our AdSense ads.

  1. Login to TypePad and go to TypeLists. The TypeList main page displays.
  2. Under Create a new TypeList, select a Notes TypeList and title it Sponsored Listing or whatever you want the title of the ad block to be.
  3. After you create the new TypeList, TypePad prompts you to add that TypePad to one of your blogs. Click on Add this list to your weblog(s) or About Page. A pop-up window displays.
  4. Check the blog you want to add the AdSens ads to and click Save Changes. A success screen displays, Close Window.
  5. Meanwhile back in the main window, TypePad prompts you to add an item to your Notes TypeList.
  6. Click on Add a new item. The a pop-up window opens and the new item form displays.
  7. Leave Label blank for now.
  8. Under Note, paste in the AdSense code using Edit > Paste (or Ctrl-V or Command-V) and click Add Item. The item has now been added to your blog.
  9. Go to your blog and you'll see the AdSense ads being displayed.
To change where the ads appear on the page, go into TypePad and go to Weblogs > (Your Blog) > Edit Design > Order Content.


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