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Windows 7 is Finally Here

Windows 7

The start menu has change a few ways in Windows 7.  First, Jump Lists have been added to the start menu.  Jump Lists are lists or recently used items, such as files, folders, or websites organized by the program used to open them.  Also, you can pin favorite items to Jump Lists making it easier to access the items you use most often.  Next, libraries have been added to the start menu.  As always you can organize your files in folders and subfolders, but now you can use libraries to further organize your files.  Libraries pull files from multiple different areas on the computer.  By default, the start menu begins with three libraries:  Documents, Music, and Pictures.  You can add or remove libraries and customize their appearance.


The Desktop gets some added help with Snap and Shake.  Windows Snap is a simple way to maximize, minimize, make a window fill half the monitor.  Drag a window to the top of the screen, and it becomes maximize.  Drag a window to the right or left of the screen and it will fill either half the right or left of the screen.  If your screen is cluttered with windows just click the window you want opened and wiggle the mouse and all other windows minimize.   This is Windows Shake.  Want the windows back open, just click and Shake the window again.


Windows 7 has also added multitouch capabilities.  If your computer has a touch screen you can use your fingers to control the computer.  You can scroll through documents or web pages just by sliding a finger down the screen, zoom in on photos just by spreading two fingers apart, or rotate that same photo just by twirling your finger.  All the old ways you interacted with a mouse are there too.  Double click is now double tap, and so on.

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