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Internet Explorer 9 to be Announced

 From what we have gathered from all the buzz about PDC on the Internet, Microsoft’s VP Steven Sinofsky will be announcing Microsoft’s plan for IE 9 tomorrow.

Internet Explorer 9

The release of Internet Explorer 9 Technical Preview is pretty close. But bear in mind, it won’t be released this week. This is what Mary Jo Foley has to say regarding the release of IE 9:

An official source quoted: we’re going to talk about windows 7 devs, ecosystem progress, and a bit of conversation about IE but not the tech preview buzz that’s out there…  not sure if we will hear about any IE 9 features, but sounds like no bits this week for IE 9, from what I am hearing

So, a couple of things should be pretty clear at this point regarding IE 9 TP release:

  • Internet Explorer 9 Technical Preview for developers and consumers won’t be available for download this week.
  • They’re slim chances of Microsoft revealing atleast some features of IE 9 with the attendees at PDC.

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