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Next Generation iPhone 4G to Launch in Summer 2010

 According to a tweet  posted by Eldar Murtazin (editor in chief of Mobile Review) on his twitter account, Apple has contacted Foxconn regarding orders for the next-gen iPhone. Foxconn is the manufacturer which Apple uses for their various products like the iPhone, Mac Mini and iPod line.

iPhone 4G

Foxconn received order for next generation iphone

Last month, we informed you about a report from PinchMedia Analytics in which developer Pandav of iBart (a public transportation guide for the San Francisco train system) had a very pleasant surprise to learn. His app was installed and used on a device that identified itself as “iPhone 3,1″. It may be noted that exactly in the same time frame last year, Apple was discovered testing its iPhone 3GS (which is now identified as “iPhone 2,1”) in the San Francisco Bay area.

All these rumors are surely hinting towards a possible summer 2010 release of iPhone 4G with a faster processor, hopefully with atleast 5 megapixels camera, support for multi-tasking (perhaps?) and other improved functions.

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