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Apple iSlate Tablet Specifications Leaked

 we don’t know what kind of design folks at Cupertino have in mind for this niche market, neither do we know who the target audience is or what kind of functionality will it provide. But what we do know is that Apple is going to announce something on these lines on January 26, 2010, at a mega event to be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Apple Tablet iSlate

Will this just be an upsized iPhone/iPod touch? or will Apple revolutionize this niche product the way they did it with the original iPhone back in 2007? Below is the specifications grabbed by phone arena

iSlate Specs

First up, a Core 2 Duo processor is way too much for an internet  tablet like device, and it wont help Apple keep the tablet size as thin as some of their other products. The projector feature may sound cool to some but it is probably not something that I think Apple would like to include in a version 1.0 of the device. And finally “Clouded Leopard” ? now that doesn’t make much sense as Apple has recently released OS X Snow Leopard for desktops, and iPhone OS (aka OS X Mobile) runs on their portable devices such as iPhone and iPod touch. If anything, Apple tablet will most likely be based on the iPhone OS (aka OS X Mobile) rather than the fully featured desktop version of OS X, with full compatibility to run apps from the App Store.

The leaked specifications document in question is attached below. Check the specs out and judge them yourself on whether this is the read deal or not?

iSlate Specs (2)

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