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Kinect for Windows PC to be Released on February 1

It's not a surprise, it was known since last November  (and even for a little longer, in fact) that Microsoft had to adapt its Kinect to our PC, but the firm has benefited from the 2012 CES to reveal more about this project.Yes, and we now know when the Kinect will be marketed. Or just the good news of the day is that we will not need to wait a long time since the famous accessory will come on the market on February 1 . 

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Windows 8 is going to reinvent the PC refresh and Reset Features

As weeks and months go by, we approach more and more out of the beta version of Windows 8 and it should be released next February . Racing results, we learn ever more about the functions that will be shipped in the next operating system from Microsoft and it's frankly very exciting. See, for example, just to learn a little more about options and refresh reset Windows 8. And you want to know? Well Redmond seems to have decided to reinvent the concept of format and it's really a very good thing ... 

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Siri is in Windows Phone 7 for over a year (according to Microsoft)

Yesterday, in an interview with Forbes, Craid Mundie, strategy and research manager at Microsoft said that his company already had the voice recognition technology for over a year on Windows 7. You did not know? We.

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Mozilla Firefox 8 available for Download

At a time not so long ago, it is common to have to wait several months before they can enjoy the new version of a web browser. Now, the wait has been considerably reduced, and updates some browsers follow one another at breakneck speed. This is the case of Google Chrome and FirefoxYep, and speaking of it, know that Firefox 8 is available!

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Windows 8 Release for August 2012, Windows 9 November 2014

If you are interested in news about Microsoft , then you should already know that Windows 8 will be released next year. Yes, except that you do not know exactly when? And same thing for Windows 9 , either. Well exactly, would you believe the roadmap of the company found itself on the web earlier in the day and it revealsa lot of information about the next two operating systems from Redmond .

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New Windows Phone Unveiling November 7th?

According to a research firm,Microsoft Windows Phone 7 could reach 12% market share in 2012For now, it is not completely won, but the arrival of Nokia leveraging the mobile platform from Microsoft might actually convince some geeks to go to the dark side of the Force (as subjective as it is) . Especially that Redmond could soon unveil a big new thing in any case this is reflected in the invitation sent to press for an event scheduled ... on November 7 .

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Lumia 800 and 710 will she succeed to Nokia rescue?

The attempted revival of Nokia took place this morning at 10am and the event was important enough to be mentioned in our columns. This revival bears the names of theLumia Lumia 800 and 710 , two next-generation smartphones designed by the manufacturer and supposed to reinvigorate the company, formerly leader of the lucrative market of smartphones.

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Video of Windows 8 on a touch pad

Do we still have Windows 8 ? Not necessarily because you're all Geeks and Geeks already know all of the next operating system of Microsoft . An operating system that will move around and as well as on our old bikes on our beautiful digital slate. And indeed, what you'll discover a little lower, it's just a video of Windows 8 on a touch pad by a certain David Washington. All with large pieces of portrait and landscape mode in, necessarily.

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Android running on Windows let's: blue stacks app Player

The company has blue stacks for Windows 7 is a free player (or emulator) published what Android apps running on a PC can be.The software is simply called blue stacks player app.

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Windows Phone 7.5 Update Starts Monday!

 Microsoft has just confirmed that you start off today with the update to Windows Mobile 7.5. The code-named "Mango" So now known update will be rolled out  later than the end of October will be available for all Windows-phone devices as a free download.

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